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5 Benefits of Healthy Habits - Getting Up Early

This subject always comes with a huge caveat...sleep is relative to where to where you are in your life cycle. You may be dealing with a child who is not sleeping, you are an insomniac, have irregular working hours or an array of other scenarios. As with all my information, this is my opinion and you do you AND it requires a very large mindset shift.

A Cup of Coffee in Peace

Whatever beverage it is, starting the day with 5 minutes of me time before the chaos starts can be priceless. A couple of minutes to get clarity on the day, before we open the to do list or think about a lunch box.

Early Morning Moving

Throw in the ear phones and dedicate a few mins for you, whether it's slow and steady stretching or letting lose with your favour dance track. Movement will get you going and the endorphins kicked off for the day.

Clarity on the day ahead

Let's face it with our new hybrid working lives, rolling out of bed at 8.50 to face an online meeting at 9am is not pleasant for anyone. Taking a few minutes for you early in the day is proven to be more productive for you.

More Time for You

If you get up one hour earlier, you are giving yourself. That's an extra 2 weeks for you every year.

Early Morning Smug Factor 10

Creating this habit will benefit you immensely however as I said before it isn't for everyone. There is a level 10 smug factor knowing you have certain tasks done by 9am 🤣🤣🤣


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