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5 Small Actions that can lead to Big Changes - Free Habit Tracker

My Mentor from UCD referred to me as the Bias to Action Queen because everything single day I did something to push my business forward. That something might have been something small but I did it. Then I started applying this to other areas of my life, granted I am fit and like to move so that wasn't an issue. However, when it came to having the courage to ask for help I was often too proud or felt I knew too much. I didn't, creating the positive habit of asking for help has changed my life. I Another big change I made is my habit tracker which leads to a 40% increase in maintaining your habits.

Here are some other small things that have helped me and my business grow.

Moving Everyday

I know it's cold, I know it's wet but honestly a 20 minutes each day can make so much difference. Leave your home walk 10 minutes one way and 10 minutes back. I mean it when I say, find something you love to do, let it bring you joy. should not dread your exercise, you should cherish it. It will improve every aspect of your health.

Pay for a strangers cup of coffee

The first time I did this is was absolutely roasting out , I was in a coffee shop and there was a woman about 8 months pregnant beside me and I thought I'm paying for her coffee. She didn't want me too but I insisted and them we both started to cry, she said it was the nicest anyone had done for her in months. The barista shed a tear too. Honestly, if I am having a bad day I think of that moment and it brings me joy.

Meaning Your Gratitude

I know I talk a lot about gratitude and it is something that I only started in recent years. I simply write (sometimes think) 3 things I'm grateful for every single day. It wasn't until a little while ago that I meant what I was grateful for. All too often we tick a box by expressing our gratitude. The next time you think about what you are grateful for, really mean it, feel it in your heart, this is when things start to move forward and change for the better.

Do Not Fear Rejection

The word No is only a word. Stop being afraid of it.

Who cares if they said no to your podcast, article, you didn't get that job, you didn't get that date. Practice asking for crazy things and you might get no, you might get ghosted, who cares?

I dare you to email someone you want to connect with and ask them for a cup of coffee.

I dare you to look at someone's profile on LinkedIn without Premium - who cares?

Small steps like this can lead to taking opportunities that you may never have thought possible in the future

Set your Alarm for 15 mins earlier than Usual

Ok so you're not an early bird...if you set your alarm for 15 mins earlier than usual, this is an extra hour every week for you. This can add up and please don't waste it. Make a coffee, sit in silence for 10 mins, meditate, so something for you. In 6 months, set your alarm for 15mins earlier know the drill.

It's the start of the year, a clean slate. Think about what you really want for you and the small things you can do to get there in 2024.

Free Morning Habit Tracker - Master Your Morning by Habit Tracking 12 Habits for the Mind, Body & Soul. Checking off each habit as you complete it, you’ll be able to see your progress over time and identify areas for improvement.


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