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5 Ways to Create a Community that Works for YOU - You Have the Power to Shift Your Mindset

What does Community mean to You?

Over the past three years Community has meant more than ever to me. Who you surround yourself with is your choice. You do not have to tolerate disrespect or rudeness. You are worth more than that. I have been on a rollercoaster journey since 2017 and my Community has been ever changing. Personally, there are 5 people outside my immediate that have been constant, 5 people that is it. I have procured a few gems on the way too. Professionally, I have met so many amazing people and I have let go of deadweight. Your circle should reflect your journey. Many will not like or want to move with you in the direction you are going and that's ok. Choose people who will cheer for you, who's eyes light up when you walk in and speak your name proudly in a crowded room. Your Entrepreneur habits and journey should include following community.

Online Community - This is a fairly new method of meeting likeminded people, all from the comfort of your own home/office. Most online communities offer an extra component. It’s not just networking & meeting people. These groups can help you with your social media or they can be a support group through menopause. It’s so important to cultivate these relationships so they grow. Always follow up with a connect on LinkedIn or a follow on Instagram with message to remind them who you are.

Traditional Networking Groups - These are such a good format for meeting people face to face. The key with these groups is to have idea of who is in the group before you go to your first meeting. It is also important to know what you want to get out of the meeting. It is a super way of meeting new people & supporting each other. You do need to do the online/social media work to build these relationships.

Training & Events - These can be both online & face to face. You are all there for a common goal, to learn & experience. In many of these cases you really have to push yourself out of your comfort zone & connect on social media with people after the event who you may not have spoken with before. Push yourself, you’ll be surprised at who will accept a connection & how this can be beneficial.

Social Media Interaction - I often get the q why isn’t my online community growing? The simple answer is if you don’t give you don't receive. Set aside 10 mins of your day to give a few likes, make a few comments on other peoples posts & reply to a few comments on your posts. You never know where these interactions will lead.

A Cup of Coffee - I have at least one coffee a week with somebody in order to grow my business. This may sound cynical but your time with someone is time away from your business. Personal connection is important but make sure you have a goal and a takeaway from the coffee. You never know where a coffee and a chat will go.


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