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Helpful Ways to Spend Your "Me Days"

I was recently asked to write a blog for a corporate client, they had decided to gift their employees 3 extra days annual is my take on how they could spend their time.

The past three years have been tough, physically, emotionally & mentally. It has been hard to navigate the return to a hybrid workplace. Priorities have changed and it definitely feels like creating space and time for you is slipping further and further down that list.

“Me Days” are exactly what they say on the tin, Time for You. The introduction of “Me Days” is a way to bring the focus back to you. These three free days are yours, all we ask is that you spend them doing exactly what you want to do. A Netflix binge, or a lie in as long as you are the priority. Here are some helpful tips for your “me days”

Use Your Time with Intention

Whatever you decide to do. Make sure you spend the time with purpose. If the purpose it to kickback, go full tilt and enjoy. Creating a purpose reduces the guilt over how you have spent the time. Enjoy it. Be clever about your timing, the Friday or a Tuesday of a bank holiday. Can you negotiate with your line manager to have a duvet day, imagine waking up one morning and calling in guilt and illness free. There is nothing like a day off when you know everyone else is at work. Are you going to spread the wealth, taking time for you at specific times that are important to you, birthdays, the summer? Using your time with purpose will inevitably bring you joy.

Connect with You

The relationship with ourselves is probably the one that is most neglected. When was the last time you actually spent genuine time with you? Doing something new for you? One of best ways to step out of our comfort zone is to make a date with you. Planning and filling at least one of your days with intentional time for you will get the endorphins going. How about a morning/afternoon activity followed by a solo lunch? There are so many museums around the country that are free of charge. Have you ever heard of Victor’s Way near Roundwood in Co. Wicklow, a magical place designed specifically for reflection. What about attending a class, cooking, winetasting, floral arranging, fitness, writing, the list is endless. If connecting with you is sitting back on the couch, eating good food and devouring a season of Slow Horses, The Patient, White Lotus, Succession or Bad Sisters ( to name but a few) then you do you.

Connect with Others

Your idea of a me day may centre around other people. Connecting with others is powerful and on these three ensure that you are connecting with the right people. No time stealers please. Let these time create connection that is mutually beneficial for everybody involved. You don’t want your time or energy wasted. Could it be a time to go for a hike with a friend or finances allowing, go to a spa with a friend. What about taking ourselves outside of our comfort zone? Let’s be confident and courageous if we go to a new class or take up a new hobby and have a goal of connecting with one person. Connecting with new people is something that has been alien to us over the past few years. We need to have a plan, we need to take action for making new connections and re- establishing old connections.

Protect Your Time

Remember what it said on the tin? It’s a me day. Not a partner’s day, or a parent’s day or a child’s day, unless of course that is how you want to spend your time. The minute some of those close to us get a whiff of free time they might be all over us to do household chores, go shopping, fix a leaky tap. This is your time, create a boundary around it and pop you in the middle. Don’t let anyone steal your time without your permission. No is a complete sentence and you do not need to provide anyone with an explanation as to what you are doing with your me day. You don’t have to tell anyone you are taking your me day….ssssshhhhhhh it’ll be our little secret.

The focus of these three days is you. You might combine some of the above suggestions and then again you might think, not a chance, these three days are to do what I choose to do.

The aim of these days is guilt free time for you and once that is achieved, it will be time well spent. Enjoy 😉


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