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Set, Reflect, Re-adjust, Reset your Goals & so on - Mastering The Habit Boss 90-60-30-7-1 Method

Setting and achieving goals is a powerful practice that can transform your life and elevate your success. While many people set yearly resolutions, some individuals (like me) find it more effective to break their goals into shorter timeframes, I prefer quarters.

I created and use the 90-60-30-7-1 Method. In this blog, we'll explore the five benefits of setting goals, delve into how the 90-60-30-7-1 method can be a game-changer for your personal and professional growth, and understand the importance of goal reflection and readjustment.

Setting goals by quarter has been a game changer for me. Every quarter I sit down, look at what I want and create a path for achieving it. This quarter I have ten goals (seven professional and three personal goals). My favourite thing is to get a blank piece of A4, break the goal down into 90 days, 60 and so on to what I have to do every day which is the 1 in the method.

Here's how to implement the 90-60-30-7-1 method for goal setting,.

I’ll take you through one goal – TikTok Posts, New Message

I’m changing my message a little on TikTok and I want to grow my account by 30% and sales by 65% by quarter end.

- 90 Days (Quarterly Goal)Start by setting your quarterly goal. This is your big picture, the major achievement you want in the next three months.

90 Days – 3 Posts per Day – 270 Posts

270 Posts – 90 New Message – 90 Existing/Challenge – 90 Storytime & Trends

Focus on the New Message – 90 Posts – Message is broken into 62 Posts – Create 62 new posts and repost some 28 reposts 62+28 =90 – over the next 3 weeks create 4 clips a day and that’s 60. Created and ready to go until year end.

Rinse and Repeat for Existing Message & Challenge and Storytime & Trends

- 60 Days After defining your 90-day goal, break it down into a 60-day plan. What needs to happen in the first two months to stay on track. 30 Days in look at insights over the previous 30 days – what is working, what is not working? Reflect and Re-adjust

- 30 Days - Further break down your 60-day plan into a monthly plan. What must be accomplished in the first month to ensure you're moving in the right direction? At 30 days have my followers and sales increased? Do I have to re-adjust?

- 7 Days - Now, look at your monthly plan and create a weekly plan for the upcoming seven days. This allows you to be more specific about your weekly priorities. My weekly plan is to create 20 New Message TikToks for this particular goal

- 1 Day (Daily Plan) –

Finally, on a daily basis, identify the tasks and actions required to meet your weekly goals. This daily plan keeps you focused on the immediate actions that lead to overall success.

Create 4 TikToks, complete them early, don’t strive for perfection, strive for authenticity, connection and creating community. When I reflect on Day 1 – is 4 too many to record? Did I allocate enough time in my time blocking schedule?

Benefits of Setting Goals

1. Clarity and Focus

Setting specific goals provides clarity about what you want to achieve. The 90-60-30-7-1 method, with its multiple timeframes, forces you to break down your overarching goal into manageable tasks. This process helps you stay focused on the immediate actions needed to make progress, preventing distractions and fostering a clear path to success.

2. Enhanced Productivity

Breaking your goals into smaller timeframes increases productivity. With daily, weekly, and monthly plans, you have a roadmap for what needs to be done to accomplish your quarterly objectives. This method ensures that you make steady progress, optimising your time and resources.

3. Measurable Progress

One of the biggest advantages of goal setting is the ability to track your progress. The 90-60-30-7-1 method incorporates regular check-ins to assess your achievements and adjust your plan accordingly. This keeps you accountable and motivated, knowing that your efforts are leading you closer to your ultimate goal.

4. Improved Time Management

Time management is a crucial skill in achieving success. With this method, you'll learn how to allocate your time effectively. You'll be able to prioritize tasks, eliminating those that don't contribute to your goal, and allocate your time where it matters most, ensuring better time management.

5. Greater Motivation and Satisfaction

Accomplishing your goals, especially through a well-structured approach like the 90-60-30-7-1 method, brings a sense of satisfaction and motivation. Each day's progress, no matter how small, adds up to your bigger success story, keeping you inspired to reach new heights.

Goal Reflection

Assessing Progress

Regularly evaluate your progress towards your goals. Recognise your achievements and pinpoint areas that need more effort or improvement.

Identifying Challenges

Understand the challenges you face. This awareness allows you to strategize and find solutions.

Adjusting Priorities

As circumstances change, make sure your goals are still aligned with your aspirations. Adjust your goals to stay in sync with your evolving life.

Celebrating Wins

Don't forget to celebrate your successes. Each small win boosts motivation and builds momentum.

Goal Re-adjustment

Monthly Review

At the end of each month, review your progress and challenges. Make necessary adjustments to your 60-day and 30-day plans based on your performance.

Weekly Check-Ins

During your weekly planning, assess your progress toward monthly goals. Adjust your daily plan if you notice any deviations from your weekly targets.

Daily Flexibility

Be open to daily adjustments, seizing opportunities and dealing with unforeseen challenges. Flexibility within your daily plan ensures adaptability.

Incorporating regular reflection and readjustment ensures that your goals remain relevant and achievable. It allows you to stay agile in pursuing your objectives and keeps you from feeling stuck or overwhelmed by rigid plans. By combining this adaptability with the structure of the 90-60-30-7-1 method, you can navigate the journey to success with greater ease and precision. Remember, setting and achieving goals is a dynamic process, and flexibility is a key component of your long-term success. So, go ahead, set your goals, and use the 90-60-30-7-1 method with goal reflection and readjustment to turn your aspirations into accomplishments. Your success is just a series of well-defined steps away!


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