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 Are you a Wellbeing, Holistic or Wellness Entrepreneur?


At Corporate to Calm we provide tailored growth and simple daily habits for your businesses that will reduce overwhelm & support significant growth. 

We empower & encourage ALL Entrepreneurs take a holistic approach to their business, ultimately creating work life balance.


 Helping Wellness Entrepreneurs (like me), with a tailored comprehensive business roadmap empowering them to Take Their Time & become SAVVY business owners, without sacrificing the things that truly matter,  family, friends, & mental health.

Ready to Transform your Business & Change your Life?
Let's Work Together.


Work smarter in your business with a FREE guide to 5 habits that will generate leads, excitement, inspiration & most of all money in your business.

From time management to social media, it's all covered in this FREE guide to better business habits. 


Let me be your accountability partner for 30 days. The Pathways to Progress Protocol. Transform your life, one habit at a time

Our 5 Habits Challenge is the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and focus.


Join me for one hour of business mentoring that will provide the clarity, focus and direction you need.

This session is create time & balance for you. The ultimate goal is to reduce your overwhelm and increase  your revenue.

Hello, I'm Linda

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I'm Linda Monahan, a.k.a. 'The Habit Boss, I'm an expert in all things habits both professionally and personally! I take a holistic approach to business mentoring with simple strategies that reduce overwhelm & support significant growth.


As an Accountability Coach & Business Mentor, I specialise in helping Women in Business create sustainable positive habits around Time Management, Boundaries, and Social Media. I want to help you to create time for you and create habits that you enjoy, stop maintaining habits you hate. I will help you create space & time for you I will help you grow your business.


If you're feeling overwhelmed, struggling to maintain habits, or finding it hard to balance work and life, I'm here to help you take action and move your business forward. Stop making excuses and start seeing real results.​ Whether you're tired of hearing that we all have the same 24 hours, or simply need help getting your sh*t done, I'm here to support you every step of the way.​


It's time for you to Take Your Time.​

Sincere thanks to Linda for facilitating our recent staff engagement session.  From advance consultation to deliver on the day the services provided were excellent.  Linda’s skills have allowed the team to reconnect and focus on providing the highest quality services to those we support

Aoife Flynn Kennedy
Clann Housing

I have often felt really overwhelmed by the social media aspect of building my business, but she broke it down in a way that made me feel less intimidated and more empowered

Vanessa Leonard
Butterfly Tree Holistics

Thinking you can navigate TikTok the way the can navigate others platforms may well be your first mistake. Linda’s session simply and practically demystified the dark art and gave us the confidence to own our message and set us up for success

Sonya Lennon
Lennon Courtney

If you are looking for someone that cares about you and your business, that will hold you accountable and encourage you to be your best then Linda is your woman. Thanks so much Linda for guiding and supporting me on this entrepreneurial journey

Sinead Doohan
The Happy Me



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